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for those in need of rest: shelter from the storm

REFUGE, 2021

microfiber comforter, down feather pillow, sisal mat, succulent in a glazed stoneware pot, bamboo wind chimes, and a sheer curtain inside a 76.7 x 56.3 x 56.3 in. staked greenhouse with white vinyl text 

REFUGE speaks to the blessing which shelter provides. In the process of creating my exhibit, I found this house in a very peculiar position from where I had left it–as if someone had slept inside it taking refuge from the vicious storm the night before. This realization caused me to reflect on my own shelter which I take for granted, and what a difference a meager shelter as this could make for someone who has nothing. Reflecting on my frustrations with being trapped inside the past year, my heart was opened to those who had no where to go when we were told to "shelter in place."

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