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plants in quarantine–confined yet sustained

IN PLACE, 2021

stoneware vessel with plastic tubing suspended by monofilament, glass jars with metal rings, potting soil, artificial succulents, motion-sensing spotlights, and plastic wrap, inside a 76.7 x 56.3 x 56.3 in. staked greenhouse with white vinyl text 

IN PLACE is a visual representation of my experience in quarantine–from delivery service apps to countless zoom meetings–we all continued to live our lives together yet separate. Many of us had the privilege to survive for weeks on end without stepping outside our front doors. The lockdowns called into question for me what it really means to be alive and to be human, as staying isolated for so long felt so contrary to my natural instincts. The irrigation system in this house represents our modern world of conveniences which allow us to live without really living

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