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shelter for our ghosts; a space to remember those departed

VOTIVE, 2021

glass candlesticks & holders, plywood, dried carnations, wax candles, flickering battery powered candles, sculpted porcelain hand glazed with the artist’s maternal grandmother’s cremains, lace doilies, and lace inside a 76.7 x 56.3 x 56.3 in. staked greenhouse with white vinyl text 

In the past year we have experienced devastating loss on a global level due to the pandemic, and this is my tribute to all those whose homes have been turned into places of grieving. The display of votive candles, flowers, and lace offerings symbolize our offerings of grief in times of loss. Carnations carry a connotation for love as well as our impermanent human flesh. The suspended porcelain hand is a concrete symbol of our presence in grief. Glazed and fired onto the porcelain are ashes from my grandmother's cremation, as her loss as well as my father's have directly influenced my domestic life. VOTIVE represents the space we create to remember those we have lost and to resurrect their spirit. 

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