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a home broken by the growth it nutured 


peat moss and porcelain around a red maple tree inside a 76.7 x 56.3 x 56.3 in. staked greenhouse with clear packing tape and white vinyl text, illuminated at night by a solar-powered spotlight 

OUTGROWN is inspired by nature reclaiming the structures we build around her–like a flower blooming from a crack in the concrete. In this piece, the tree is also a metaphor for ourselves when we outgrow a certain season of life, because we are always growing and expanding as human beings. Our space which contains us must also expand or we will burst through it. The pottery shards at the base of the tree represent the pot the tree was planted in, which have now been broken as the tree continues its growth process. The house enclosing the tree creates a claustrophobic sensation for this piece, inspired by the lockdowns of the past year. Becoming stuck in time and space, we continue to grow as our environments are frozen time. 

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